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Enhancing workplace Competence

Out of our genuine desire to contribute in the provision of the knowledge ingredient in terms of building the technical competences of businesses in Africa to compete favorably and to create wealth for their stakeholders and the society at large, we established the Sternom Consulting Limited.

At Sternom Consulting, our focus is to help our clients grow their businesses and surpass their expectation; through innovative ideas and well researched and scientifically proven success formula, we assist our clients achieve exceptional superior performance by providing them with modern tools that enhance their technical skills to find practical solutions to their organizations' challenges.

In an increasingly competitive world, organizations need staff at all levels that will optimally and efficiently play their role in driving the organization to greater heights.

As a knowledge management and competence enhancement company, we are committed to empowering individuals and organizations – both corporate and public with capacity building tools designed to optimize their personal and corporate effectiveness.

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Our Mission

To consistently provide top notch and world class services that will place our clients far ahead of their competitors while at the same time, providing opportunities for our employees to excel in their career choices.

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Our Vission

To be the destination of choice for consultancy services for businesses and public institutions in Africa.

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Our Goal

To empower individuals to become lifelong learners equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. We are dedicated to providing a dynamic and accessible online and offline learning platform that fosters continuous personal and professional development.

Core Competence

  • Pension Consulting
  • Business Management consulting
  • Human Capital Development
  • Soft Skill Development
  • Auditing and financial Advisory
  • Digital Training
  • Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas Consultingt
  • Agro-Allied Business
  • Waste Collection and Management
  • Maritime
  • Tourism and Hospitality
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Our Services

Our services are designed to help our clients acquire talents, retain a productive workforce and minimize business risks. Our programmes are designed to meet the peculiar needs of each client for better productivity. Our dedicated team of business solution experts are always at hand to work with our clients' employees towards building their confidence, initiative, problem solving capabilities and business solutions. We assist our clients to determine and shape the future they desire for their businesses by training their employees to be more creative, resourceful, innovative, self-motivated, and result oriented; qualities that will place them above their competitors.

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